Kao Yai Wang Nam Keaw Review Itinerary Guide

Kao Yai is National Park Locate in Amphor Pakchong, Nakorn Rachasrima Province. Normally, I think that it is better to rent a car or motorcycle and drive to kho yai is more convenient than other mode because eat attractions may too far to each others.

We stayed at the Creek. the small hotels in Pakchong. The owner is very nice guys. only thing that we don't like is bed sheet is too tough like you sleep in bed

From Pakchong, you can drive to Wang Nam Keaw which famous for salad farming, much room, camping area. Wang Nam Keaw's weather is good all year-round.

I think that the road from Khoa Yai to Wang Nam Keaw is good for Driving, Riding and also Biking 

In Wang Nam Keaw, There is a  Highly Recommend Restaurant called Krou Ton Jai which has many delicious dishes. The signature dish are any kind relate to mushroom and Deep Fished as you can see the picture below.

Signature Dish of Tonsai actually are Mushroom. 

 Fish Fired on the mountain high Ton Sai Wang Nam Keaw 

Fish Fired on the mountain high Ton Sai Wang Nam Keaw 

Wang Nam Keaw also known as salad vegetable growing area due to weather all year round.

 Uncle Krai Farm Outlet

Uncle Krai Farm Outlet

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