Plan a trip to Phitsanuloke Read Me first I am a local

If you have a chance to pass by phitsanuloke don't forget to read my blogs. this topic is really really, confident for me because i am a local here. Phitsanuloke is my hometown. 

Phitsanulok sees relatively few independent travellers but a fair amount of package tourists, probably because the city is a convenient base from which to explore the attractions of historical Sukhothai, Si Satchanalai and Kamphaeng Phet

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Where to stay.

Actually, there a lot of new hotels in Phitsanuloke. Generally, who plan stay here have plan to other nearby province such Kampangpeth, Petchaboon, or Sukothai. The hotels we recommend is

  • Amari Lagoon The hotel is located not so far from the city 
  • Topland Plaza Hotel This old style hotel locate in the center of the city
  • Suppraiwan Grand Hotel Resort  if you love elephant, clam and silence or live in the jungle, try this hotels. they offer you many kinds of elephant activity. the hotel is a little bit far from the city.
  • Yodia Grand Heritage The new luxury hotel at the riverside.
  • Dragon River the hotel with the riverside not so far from the center of the city.

What to do

Phitsanuloke has a lot of activities such Natural place like


    Actually, this is my hometown. You may notice that i don't know much about new hotel. I do know only old hotels. Anyway lets go to the city.

    How to come to PhitsanuLoke

    By Bus it may take around 5 hours from Bangkok to Phitasanuloke. you have take the bus at morchid terminal. The ticket price is around 200-400 Baht depend on the type of tickets. You can buy ticket online with Thaiticketmajor.

    By Train it will take you longer around  hours from Hualampong Station to Phisanuloke Station. You check the detail here.

    By Airplane, I recommend planes because it take only 30-40 mins to phisanuloke. Most of the time it is very hard for Air Hostess to serve snack for all customer in time. Flight to Phitsanuloke has only 2 airline, Airasia and Nok Air. I recommend Airasia, because Nok Air Sometime use Old Style Turbine Plain to serve. It surely safe but when you meet with the rain or storm during the journey it will your lifetime experience. please read more detail how to choose the right airline in Thailand here. 

    The first place that i want to take you to is Wat Yai which is in the center of city. Sometime my family come here in the morning to give food to the monk. Some people may wonder why we have to give food to them. for the giver is a practice of giving, but for the monk, is to help them to survive with go to work or invest in stock, etc. and they will have a time to time to study Buddhism.

    Morning Market near Wat yai is open around 5am. Some people come here to find breakfast before going to work. The below picture is fried pork. Generally, it good with sticky rice wrap in banana leaves.  Personally, i really love strick rice which wrapped in Banana leaves

    What is it? all is anything Fried it range from pork, chicken, fish , sweeten fried pork, and many types of fishes. it will taste great with hot sticky rice. I recommend to eat once when it still hot. 

    The morning, in this area, monk, actually, from temples, will walk to received food from the devotees. 

    Let's move to see the Nan Rivers. Nan Rivers is one of the four main river that unite to be Chaopraya River in Bangkok. 

    Recommend To Eat around Nan River Area

    Juk Kai Thai A well known traditional thai chicken noodle in Phitsanuloke for a long time

    Chicken that the restaurant used is Thai Chicken which generally more expensive, rare, taste better, raise organically, 

    You can order separate dish for only chicken with Dip sauces.

    Size of dishes is really small. for the western, it can fit you stomach please order two bowl at least.

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