Udonthani Trip : Travel Guide from real experience

I think many of you want to go to Udonthani, but sometime it might lack of information. Especially who want to go to Vientiane  Laos. It's is very convenient to fly to Udonthani and take a bus or van just only 1 hours. because it's the nearest airport. actually, there are Wat tai Airport in Vientiane but it's very very costly due (2-3 times higher) to airport charge to the airline. Then, most people even Laos people prefer to drop at Udonthani and take a ride only 40-60 mins. Night life and everything in Udonthani is lively than in Vientiane. 

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There are up to 26 Flights a day to Udonthani that it's very high number compare to another local airport in thailand.

That day is very rainny day. 

We use the local Van. The driver is really good. Generally, the price of Van is around 1800 Baht/day excluded the gasoline. The driver will come with full tank and before departure just fill up to full tanks. 

it's better to use local driver to save your times.

Udonthani is really big cities. there are international school and many foreigners actually lived here with their thai wifes. 

We stayed at hotel name prajaktra that close to Nhong Prajak, Small pond in the center of the city which have bicycle tracks and running track with the yellow duck. The Yellow Duck was initiated by Udonthani City Major. He fly to Hongkong to ask for the Duck then it become symbolic of Udonthani City. 

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For Eating the locals places, One of must go place is VT NhamNueng. Nhamnueng is thai people thought it is Vietnamese Food. However, if you ask  Vietnamese in Hanoi they don't about these kind of food. 

If You want thai food, Krua Khun Nid is another recommended by locals. There are  

First Dish is salty grill fish. Second is river snail curry. Third is egg fried. Fourth is sorry I cann't remember. Fifth is cicada Fried. Really tasty !! WHO recommend everyone eat insect. it's high source of protein. last is pad mi Korat. 

Signature Dish is Thai Esarn Sausage is really really yummy

North Eastern or E-sarn Style Somtum is a little difference from bangkok style Somtum. It's a little salty and no sugar add.  the northern style is sweeter. but Bangkok style is a quiet mix of taste. 

Walking around the city in the Night
There are walking the street of night time is call UD or Udontown. It's open air shopping complex. There are a lot of restaurants like Macdonal, KFC, MK, Oishi and Lotus Supermarket. 

This times we tried Bing Su, the korean sweet. The taste is ok but size is really big. it's better to come in a group to try this kind of sweets here. 


Udonthani is really nice big city and town planing is really good. Hope you enjoy my review. and if you want more information please feel free to contact me. There still a lot of information about traveling in thailand please visit my homepage.