Review Warehouse 30 Charoen krung Road Bangkok Chic Places

Warehouse 30 as far as I knew was own by Duangrit Bunnag, famous Thai Architecture and ex-editor of Elle Decor. Actually, he also own Jam Factory which also well know chic places just opposite of the river. But, The warehourse is not riverfront as expected.

I guess that the business strategy to open chic place here, is , location, next to the Sheraton and river city Hotels. The tourists are very easily to walk to here or even walk across the river to Jam Factory

many chic and hipster stuff and goods.


there are theater inside


Good thing about here is available parking spaces. many chic stuff. The limit is that not many real restaurant open here and not has any view only the chic place for tourist. Price of the Stuff and Goods here is not expensive the same as everywhere, Credit card was accept. 

Review Lhong 1919 Riverfront

Recently there are a lot a lot of new cool places open this year. Bangkok are becoming more famous at the river.  Lhong 1919 are one of shouldn't miss.

Recently, the most famous thai celebrity star scouter, open new restaurant in Lhong name Lomchoi (Nice weather windy). You may try.

 You have to walk a little bit to Lhong from Main Street (Khong San)

You have to walk a little bit to Lhong from Main Street (Khong San)

Lhong is own by famous rich Chinese family in Thailand, named, Wang Li. In the past the Lhong is their Warehouse of the family. 


Anyway, the architecture is really cool and good for selfish. 


At that time, there are opening event and Great Out Door market, the hipster nick nack market come to join and open the Lhong 1919


There are a lot of stuff from hipster people.


At night there are a chinese drama play. 


People are very very Crowd. 


Sometime there will be an event arranged by Chang Beer and Singha Beer. 


There are cool restaurant, Rong Si, literally mean, Rice Mill Factory, 


WangLEE Peir and Mazu Shine is behide the Lhong


How to get there is still complex for me also. But in the future, there will be an Electric Train come to this places. My recommendation for tourist is just ask taxi and show them you want to to go to Lhong 1919 at Klong San

Should I come here? Yes. you should or you may go to Asiatique instead but At Asiatique the river view my a little bit difference. 

Golf Driving Range in Bangkok Where should I go

Do you want to drive golf in Bangkok? Yes, it is generally cheap to drive golf in Bangkok. There are specifically some place that I have tried it by my selves.

1. ONE O ONE Golf Driving Ranges

This driving Range is easy accessible by BTS . Just Drop of BTS Station and  5-10 Mins Walks. 

Price 40 Ball/50 Baht. it's special promotion coupon also. 


2. Thonburi Driving Range RAMA 2

The restaurant in this driving range is very cheap and very good service. 

Price There are promotion 120 Baht/120 Balls for Second Floor.

The second floor is not permitted to use drive head which can cause damage to neighborhood roofs.


Who to follow? Bangkok Travel Guide and TIPS

Sometime while we travel we need some information such securities. However, In most case for the destination country, English is not official Language. I suggest you follow some of these guide to provide you instance information while you travel. Because I am not always on twitter like them. First is


They provide a lot of tourist information such night dinning out places and events.


Actually, I think that he like journalist. He provide for both short term stay and expats who do business here. Because he have stayed here for longtime which make him knew Thailand in deep detail. 

Thailand for Expats: A Property Rental Guide

Thailand has emerged as one of the world’s most popular destination among expats. Although, the reasons are many; Thailand’s real estate is one of the prime reasons for the influx of these expats. But before we look at a few of the facts about the real estate sector in Thailand; we need to take a look at some quick facts about Thailand (You can also take a look at the awesome infographic we have created here).

Quick Facts:
• Thailand is a country with a population of around 67.01 million people.
• Bangkok and Chang Mai are the most popular city for expats in the country.
• The official language is Thai.
• Agriculture, forestry, fishing tourism and manufacturing are the main industries in Thailand.

The people who come to Thailand to call it their second home often find the picturesque beaches and the food quite tempting, which is why it’s one of the world’s favorite tourist destinations as well. However, since we are talking about expats, they need a place to stay and won’t be leaving the country anytime soon. Let’s look at some of the most in-demand types of rental properties they find most alluring.


Infographic by DDProperty. Used with permission