Music Festival for Hipster in Bangkok Review The Cat Expo by Cat Radio

Personally, I love concert. Music is international language. Sometimes when you listen to unknown language without understanding it,still, can make your body move unconsciously.  I saw a lot of foreigner come to this music festival, I'm not surprise. 


Cat Music Festival is annually music festival in Bangkok and the festival was managed by CAT radio Station. Cat Channel is a well known among hipster teenager in Thailand. They also broadcast on internet. you can download their apps here.

Personally, I don't know this radio station before I come to the concert incidentally. 

How to Get Here

The concert is usually play at Relinquished  Wonder World Amusement Park. It's quite far from the centre of the city. but you can go their by expressway. Here is the maps.


The concert ordinarily is in end of the year (Nov-Dec). You can check it schedule at Thai Ticket Master. 

Let's See inside the concert


The concert is normally 2 day, Saturday and Sunday. There are a lot of free space for taxi if you come early if late you have to walk very far. If the concert'shas ended it will bevery hard to get taxi back and it's very dark around here.Even the organizer do the best job for security. 

There are a tunnel to walk pass thought the event.

it's seem my first tunnel for crossing the road in thailand that i have seen. 

You can buy ticket at the entrance.After you buy the ticket they'll give you a permanently wristband which you cannot take it off unless you cut it. Also, the wristband will act as your ticket to the festival but if your wristband if ripped apart you may not get inside. So, you need to take a shower with it, until the end of the festival.

Most are Thai teenager. For example, they were born in the period of Kurt Cobain still alive. 

This is my very long post. I took a 3-5 day to finish this post. Hope you enjoy. 
Let's move on, below you can see the list of the singer and band. Fenerally, I hate the word "artist" which makes me feel like a painter. Personally, I think they are singer and musicianback to the subject, sorry, there are 5 Stages. All stages are the same, the band is random arrange. the organizer will trick you to exercise and walk around all the stages. Some of Band are imported from Japan. 

The name of stage has no meaning. they coin the name for look cool, but for me, I feel it confusing, because the name is hard to remember for Thai also. 

if you come too early, there are no body, LoL. 

It is very challenging for the opening band. I heard john legend once said that he love to sing in front of the unknown. It makes him stronger to get the new people.

2. The Ripper
This rock band performance was really strong. 

Please see their music Video. Here

food court Singha CP

hope you enjoy and get some idea about the show

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