Guide : if taxi deny to pick you up bangkok, what is plan B UBER VS GRAB

This problem also affect people in bangkok. Generally, You may report to authorities. But I knew doing so is waste you time while you travel. I have 2 Option for you use the app. One is Uber and other is GRAB.  Let's explain how differ of these 2 services. 


 Grab is app that you can call everything

Grab is app that you can call everything

Grab, an app for call tax, car,motorcycle and delivery service. Grab has variety of its product you can call every thing in the world. they might have boat,plane, truck, and every tanks in the future. But previously, they offer only taxi.


uber thailand

Uber, app for call private drive service. it's still illegal. by thai transportation, they is no allow private car to provide a service. To separate, just look at the plate number, if it yellow, it's legal.