Review Lhong 1919 Riverfront

Recently there are a lot a lot of new cool places open this year. Bangkok are becoming more famous at the river.  Lhong 1919 are one of shouldn't miss.

Recently, the most famous thai celebrity star scouter, open new restaurant in Lhong name Lomchoi (Nice weather windy). You may try.

 You have to walk a little bit to Lhong from Main Street (Khong San)

You have to walk a little bit to Lhong from Main Street (Khong San)

Lhong is own by famous rich Chinese family in Thailand, named, Wang Li. In the past the Lhong is their Warehouse of the family. 


Anyway, the architecture is really cool and good for selfish. 


At that time, there are opening event and Great Out Door market, the hipster nick nack market come to join and open the Lhong 1919


There are a lot of stuff from hipster people.


At night there are a chinese drama play. 


People are very very Crowd. 


Sometime there will be an event arranged by Chang Beer and Singha Beer. 


There are cool restaurant, Rong Si, literally mean, Rice Mill Factory, 


WangLEE Peir and Mazu Shine is behide the Lhong


How to get there is still complex for me also. But in the future, there will be an Electric Train come to this places. My recommendation for tourist is just ask taxi and show them you want to to go to Lhong 1919 at Klong San

Should I come here? Yes. you should or you may go to Asiatique instead but At Asiatique the river view my a little bit difference.