Street Food to Eat and Place to Eat in Bangkok

There are wide varieties of Street Food in bangkok. Food range from real thai or Thai Original to international cuisine. Thai original also has its category such Northern style, North Eastern,or Southern flavour.

1. Kanom Chine with Green curry Rice.

The white noodle as you can see below, literally mean Chinese Noodle. Anyway,You cannot find this dish in China. Kanom mean "Sweet or Snack" and it's not sweet at all. It's just the name we called here. You can see Kanom Chine in many dish. Sometimes you can eat with SomTum and Sometimes you also can eat with green curry rice. Anyway,I have never ever seen Kanom chine with Red curry, I also don't know why. 

kanom jean green curry

2. Kanom Krog or Mortar Sweet

The name seem strange for everyone. Kanom Krog is made by special pan like you see below which look like Mortar. The taste is very sweet because it was made from coconut milk mix with some ingredient.

kanom klock

3. Lookshin Ping or Grilled Meat ball

I guess it come from China,you can try it everywhere, Even in 7/11. The difference is proportion between pork (meat) and Mix Flour. There are 2 main types: One is made from Pork and another is made from Cow Meat. But,sometimes you can see it made from fish and chicken.   

look chin pink street vender

4. Bami Hang or Dry Noodle

This one is Chinese Original but Thais adapt by adding some ingredient that Chinese doesn't add, such as Chilli. 

5. Kao Ka moo or Stream Pork Knuckle with Rice

actually, it's chinese origin cuisine. it will taste good if you add the sour sauces in the pot below.

6. Bami Tom Yum

This is bami Tom yum. generally, you can find in every corner in Bangkok. The recipe may varies a lit bit.  

7. Yentafo

Yen Ta fo or Red Noodle. To make noodle pick, it need some extra red source. It's provide only some noodle restaurant. 

8. Moo Tod with Kao Neow

It's quite easy meal. Previously, it was sold only morning in area Fresh market exist. But recently, you find it in 7 11 and it's good with Sticky Rices.

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