Khaotom Nonthaburi LeardTips

Today I am gonna take you out to eat the best Khotom in Nonthaburi. Khotom is actually Chinese origin but assimilate to thai dishes. Last time we took you to see the Khotom nai chuen in Nakornsawan.

This restaurant is in the list of Kau Khun Toi, famous TV show about cooking which, reliable about the taste of the restaurant that on this TV show.


How to get here.

Now you can to this restaurant by the MRT. Just drop at Central Ratanathibeth station and walk to nonthaburi 1 road. Anyway, but it still a little bit to far to walk.

Lert tip Restaurant actually has 3 branches. one is wang hin, near kasetsasart University.

Recommend Dish.

1. Moo Manow or Crispy Fried Pork with Lemon Sauces.

2. Jab Chai Pad Hang or Chinese kelp stir Fried.

3. Moo Krob pad Kui chia Khao (Chinese Chives Stir Fried with Crispy Pork.


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