Salad Kung Yai (Salad with Grill Shrimp at Food Villa Rachapruek)


Today I would like to review the newer and larger market on Ratchaphruek road.

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“Food Villa”

This market opens from 6.00 until around midnight on all days.How to get to Food Villa Ratchaphruek: by car or by Bus number 89. If you come by car, it will be easier than taking a bus. There is extensive parking.


From the parking, u can walk up into the Food Villa.When u walking into,u will find the market zone.


And next to the fresh seafood tab. Let’s find the delicious food.


I understand why it’s called a Hi-so market. There are Varieties of foods from famous shops around Bangkok with cheap-reasonable price. Also fresh food and vegetable not as cheap as fresh market but good quality.


The seat also are several zones in the market. It serving with cutlery and tissue.



Walk and Walk around all food look good. Finally, I am striking with “Salad Kung Yai



The beautiful shopkeeper said that the big shrimp from her farm at Kampaengsan Nakorn Pathom District.



The main menu is grilled shrimp but the chic style is grilled shrimp with salad. Spicy and Cheese



The vegetable is also hydroponic.

it was grown in the Phetchaboon in the north of thailand.


And the three special salad dressing. Japan black sesame, silky with sweet sour, high calcium from black sesame.Seafood Cream, sweet-sour, and chili peppers.


Besides that, there are sale fresh shrimp and seafood sauce also.  This price is reasonable just 500 Baht per Kgs (About 10-12) and 550 Baht per Kgs, respectively.


This time I tried shrimps on the both grilled spicy and cheese with salad and seafood sauce.It was yummy dish!!. I could feel both shrimps vegetable were fresh.


Who came here, Don’t miss this restaurant SALAD KUNG YAI.

 Yummy Grilled Giant Shrimp

Yummy Grilled Giant Shrimp



At the last right from the entrance of parking. In front of ATM. Block E100.

Contact Number 0929527751 Open Hour 09:00 - 19:00 น. Fresh seafood / Organic Salad