Bangkok Must Eat Cheap Food Aree

I found that statistically, most people who visit my blog try to find places to eat cheap food in bangkok but don't know where or go or don't know what it is. I tried to collect all of things you may love. Here is the list. 

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1. MOF Market (Tarad Lang Krasuang, Behind the Ministry of Finance Market)

Actually you can found these kind of market nere the big office area around bangkok such behide the Thai Airways, Bangkok Bang, Sun tower area, or any government building area.

This kind of market is open only weekday and they open 6.00 am - until  around 2 pm. They serve office people who don't have time to do shopping and want to have lunch.

Yes, most office buildings in Bangkok have a limited cafeteria and taste of cafeteria may taste less delicious.

How to get there : BTS Aree Station and ask took took for Tarad Lang Krasuang 30 baht per ride or 15-20 mins walks.


2. Shabu Go at Soi Ratchakru. This places is not far from aree station. Basically, you can walk to restaurant. Most Shabu in Bangkok recently is all you eat restaurant but thai call Buffet. Some restaurant limit the swallow time but this place because newly open, no limit as of july 2017.


 Beside, Shabu go there are a lot of sha bu in aree such

FuFu, a taiwanese style sha bu.

or Ton hom aree, which change there menu many time first they sell hipster food and change it to Thai Southern Food and change it again to Shabu Buffet. 

3. Moo Tod Je Jong or Je Jong Fried Pork. 
Je Jong, the owner, first, intent to open a bakery house but the end is food for blue collar worker in her area. Her first store was opened RAMA 4 area. The cool thing about Je Jong is quantity and tasty, general Kho Gang, Curry Rice for thai everyday meal. 


Her strategy is you can ask for additional rice for free.  

4. TOIBoat Noodle or you can call it kuaitiao ruea This noodle is very very famous. The restaurant locate in Wat Makog Near Victory of Monument. Generally each bowl is very small in quantity. You should order at least 2 bowls or 3 bowls to match you hungry.   


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